TROUBLE ROYALE will hit the streets on July 12, 2021… Le nouvel album TROUBLE ROYALE sera disponible le 12 juillet 2021





Mon Electric Bijou leaves no stone unturned, in the creative and recording process of their 8th release, Trouble Royale.  True to their logical manoeuvres, the band has upped their game and ready to roll down their craft skills to unknown fuzzed avenues. 
The record carries some sincere music chemistry between the three lads while the lyrics alternate between personal appeals and surreal narratives, the literal and the obtuse.  Saz’s vocals, a blend of fully-fledged playfulness and childlike vulnerability are synced to Roy’s empowerment on the traps while Aubin, as always, the band’s seal of approval, sprinkles his sonic magic all over the tracks. 

Everything about this record is tight and well thought-out. From the rocker opener “Man On The Move” on to closer “The Greatest Race,” no riff overstays its welcome.

Vinny Pistone, 2021

Malgré la situation que nous vivons présentement, nous avons réussi, par la grâce du Seigneur, à terminer l’album. Nous espérons une sortie en 2020… à suivre. Pour l’instant, restez à la maison et soyez prudent. ///////////////// Despite the situation we are currently facing, we have managed, by the grace of God, to complete the album. We hope to release the LP in 2020… will keep you posted. Stay safe!



Mon Electric Bijou – Watercolour Palace (Official Video).


Taken from the new Mon Electric Bijou album Out Of Souvenirs. Released March 2, 2017

Produced, engineered & mixed by Martin Saz Recorded and mixed at Rawhide Studio (Montréal, QC)

Mastered by Ryan Morey at Grey Market (Montréal, QC)

Written by Martin Saz ©2017 Mon Electric Bijou/SOCAN ©2017 Mon Electric Bijou. All Rights Reserved. Fabriqué au Canada. A Delta Poison Production.




Album launch (Out of Souvenirs) on March 2nd 2017 at Casa del Polo (Montreal)

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Album launch of Mon Electric Bijou’s 7th studio album, Out of Souvenirs with special guest: the one and only Travelling Headcase.

Mon Electric Bijou

Mon Electric Bijou is a Montreal-based rock and alt-country outfit, created in 2002 by Martin Saz. Taking as much influence from the British invasion-style rock of The Who and The Kinks as Guided By Voices and Gram Parsons, Mon Electric Bijou’s songs combine melodicism and noise in fully distinct fashion.

Travelling Headcase

Travelling Headcase plays some heartfelt acoustic blues…his very somber and reflective pieces recall Tim Buckley and, especially, Nick Drake. Still unique enough to command his own stylistic take on his narcotic presentation of the folk/blues music he’s playing, Travelling Headcase gets high (no pun intended) marks for his brutal honesty and fine, introspective (if sparse) lyrics.15259780_10154097356678730_29443662480280476_o